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Proper Pole Attire with Bad Kitty USA

Someone has to say it, so I will:

Dear polers attending class, please consider wearing proper pole bottoms and tops to class instead of the underwear you have been wearing all day at work.

I surprise myself by writing this, since we are many years down the road from the advent of pole legitimizing itself as fitness workouts, dance classes and sport. But seriously, why are students still wearing underwear to class?

First of all, pole is a sport and no matter if attending a trick class or choreo class it’s likely that students will be sweaty, making large movements and breathing hard. For pole, skin contact is needed so it makes sense to wear shorts and sports bras, this is clothing that is also appropriate for an intense workout. Pole is a form of dance, dancers wear appropriate dance clothing to maximize big movements, long hours of training and to provide coverage of all parts of the body that are not typically meant to make a show in a dance performance.

It sounds like good advice that clothing choices for pole should include thoughts from fitness and dance. Do people go to gym and run on the treadmill in cotton underwear? Proper pole clothing is made from stretch fabrics that allow for movement and coverage often these fabrics are “wicking fabric” meaning that they are designed for sweat collection and faster evaporation. On top of this these fabrics are hygienic.

The second big point is hygiene. My guess is that most of us don’t want to share a pole with someone who has worn underwear all day at work and then peels clothing off and hops on the pole. Let’s talk hygiene, though many of us are very clean and take lots of showers, all parts of our bodies end up touching the pole. I don’t know about everyone, but I want clean bits and pieces on the pole, particularly if I have to share a pole. When someone wears fresh clean pole shorts with extra va-jay-jay coverage, less parts will be on the pole and more fabric will be covering the sports stadium and the toxic waste dump. Diseases are spread through fecal matter. It’s also just polite to be clean.

This hygienic spreadie is brought to you by Bad Kitty PoleFit series shorts and sports bra.

My third point is that it’s distracting to see loads of vagina and nipple. I mean accidents happen and it usually produces a good laugh in class, but it becomes distracting when there is a constant show. Let’s face it, seeing someone’s bits is like looking at a train wreck. The rate of pop out is significantly lower now with proper pole attire versus the early days of pole. Granted our sport’s history is unique, yes we have roots in the strip club, but we also have roots in gymnastics, circus, dance, acrobatics and Chinese pole. When you go to pole class are paying to be concentrating on the new move or routine you are learning or the repeated flash of vagina from the girl next to you cotton Victoria secrets underwear?

My fourth point is that we have full coverage pole shorts. Why not wear the proper attire for the sport. The first generation of polers solved this issue of proper pole clothing: we developed pole shorts and cute sports bras for the full-body, complicated, gymnastic movements of pole.

Just in case you weren’t poling ten years ago, let me give you the history of pole clothing for pole fitness. Part of the reason Bad Kitty came about was because polers did not have appropriate clothing. Once upon a time the Butterfly was the hardest trick known to man. Not only is the butterfly taxing on the body muscle-wise but it also has a spread eagle happening.

Let me explain that even a ten years ago polers still wore volleyball shorts, cheer shorts, dance shorts. The search was for the goldilocks zone: short enough shorts with enough coverage. We were also wearing sports bras, but the second one flipped upside down it w