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January is a Good Time to Change Your Workout.

For some people January means newness, fresh starts and hope. For others it's the dreariest time of the year and stagnation comes in the form of unfulfilled goals. Ok, maybe not that bad, but I have never been a believer in trending with the masses and setting New Years' Resolutions. However I do believe that there are ways to destroy stagnation, especially with fitness.

January is a great month to try new fitness programs or change up what you are doing in the gym. First off, many fitness programs and gyms have specials for the the New Years resolutions. Second, though this has nothing to do with January, the human body adjusts rapidly to exercise and needs periodic changes in exercise. Though each of us are different metabolically, our bodies adapt to our fitness routines. The human body runs on a cycle of six to eight weeks with adaption. If you are doing the exact same workouts for this time period your body will makes fitness gains, but as it adapts the gains will slow down and sometimes become non-existent. The human body needs to be challenged for fitness gains to happen.

Now that being said, sports like aerial and pole are constantly changing workouts. You never do the same thing in class or in a training session most of the time. Your body has to constantly adapt to the changes in movement. However the place to change the workout is outside the aerial arts and pole studio. Keep with your aerial workouts and the sports you love, but consider adding in new types of movement and workouts.

Find a workout that complements what you do in aerial and pole.

For aerial and pole, weight lifting is a nice mix. Add in two days a weeks with a trainer or group fitness class that focuses on lifting. You may need to explain to a trainer that you need a workout routine that works the lesser used muscles in pole and aerial. You don't actually want to be doubling up on pec and lat workouts in weightlifting and in pole or aerial class. You will want to change your weight lifting routine frequently, which is why going to a trainer or group class is helpful.

Try cardio.

Take up spin class, try training for a 10k , or choose from the assortment of new cardio workouts. With the current boom in boutique fitness there are boutique fitness studios disappears specialize in certain types of workouts. Some studios offer just spin classes or specialize in HIIT training workouts. Many of these studios have membership specials in January. The other little secret is that many larger fitness facilities are trying to keep up with the boutique fitness trends and for a lower membership they may offer specialized classes plus the amenities of a large gym facility.

Take a dance class.

Obviously a