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Shoulder Imbalances Part 3: Corrective Exercises

As discussed in previous articles in this series, the body is an integrated system and when one muscle group becomes imbalanced another muscle group will often react to the disparity. The upper back muscles of the aerialist and poler get substantial use and creating lopsided muscle groups is completely plausible and probable. Our previous posts on shoulder imbalances have focused on the origins of the most common inequalities and examined brief postural fixes. At this point, let’s look at corrective exercise fixes that address muscle imbalances and can be done at home or in the gym. In many common pole-related upper body muscle problems these three imbalances are usually involved:

  • Overdeveloped pecs and lats and upper traps

  • Underdeveloped rhomboids, lower and middle traps and smaller shoulder girdle muscles

  • Protracted Shoulder blades

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