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New Post with the International Pole Convention - Ace the Chest Mount


The Chest Mount, also called the Broomstick is a strikingly beautiful move and all the rage at the moment. Here are a few tips and tricks that can aid in achieving this move. But before we go anywhere with this hot little trick, we need a solid Shoulder Mount and a bombproof inverted Pencil. This means that a poler should have a concrete hold in the Shoulder Mount inverted V and can lower out of a Shoulder Mount with control. Spending time in the Shoulder Mount before attempting the Broomstick will prove beneficial on numerous levels. Check out a few tutorials on the Shoulder Mount Part 1 and Part 2. The second move to have sound is the Inverted Pencil. The Pencil is the first step of the Chest Mount and Broomstick. Read more at the International Pole Convention Website. Look under blogs!