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Classic Pole Moves to Re-Incorporated: Jazz Splits

When I started with pole nine years ago, it was the dark ages, but we still had killer moves. To this day, I still teach beginning moves that I learned when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The foundation moves of pole, the dance, the spins, lifts are often shoved out of the spotlight by bigger flashier moves. Without basics many of us could not have built the strength or learned the movement of pole. Beginning students needs the basics to get strong, train muscle memory and movement patterns. Intermediate students are given the opportunity to work on technique and clean up movement. Advanced students can find connection and a return to roots in basics moves.

As an instructor searching for new choreo for each class can be mindless hours on Instagram or Youtube. Returning to the basics and incorporating new movement can freshen up old choreo and moves. We all throw in a lot more modern dance work these days, mixing class pole moves with modern dance can be a fun way to add sexy old-school pole to modern interpretation.

Jazz Splits

I am a little tired of the forward splits drop to the floor, plus many new students do not have the splits solid and a Jazz Splits is a great alternative. Begin in a strong grip standing to the side of the pole, with the inside arm low and the outside arm placed above the inside arm. Pull the shoulders back and down and engage the upper back in scapular retraction. Pull the core in to stabilize. Extend the outside leg straight in the front and the inside leg bends in an attitude position. With control, lower down the pole to the floor coming into a Jazz Splits..

Choreo Options

Knee Tuck Roll

From the Jazz Splits, roll to one side and lift the upper leg bending at the knee for extra style point. Press up with the arms and lift into a side plank, high enough that the upper leg can thread through under the body. Slide that upper leg under the body and into a wide leg lift, then sit upright into a wide leg straddle sit.

Floor Sequence with Bridge on the Pole

From Jazz Splits, lean back into the forearm and roll to one side. Extend the bend leg up and over to rest on the top of the lower leg in a lifted side position. Keep the core engaged and roll unto the back and forearms. Keep the chest lifted and extend the legs straight up. Drop one leg down and touch the foot to the pole. Use the core, glutes and hamstrings and push the body up into a bridge with the pole. There are tons of leg options, have fun and play. Lower to the floor and continue choreo.