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Floor Work for Strength

Lately I have been re-obsessed with floor work and there certainly has been resurgence in the pole industry for coming back to floor work. Competition pole even requires some floor work and that's awesome. The trainer in me is always looking for ways to give students a workout. The dancer is me wants the workout to feel flowing and beautiful. I put together a few floor moves that accomplish both ideals. These floor moves are great additions to classes and provide a total body workout.

This batch of floor work focuses on employing the arms, every move has pressing and lifting through the shoulder complex and arms. The core is also a key component of each move, stabilizing the hips and creating twisting movement with the obliques. Dynamic tension is also an element that I thought was important in this series. The legs need to be engaged, the toes pointed. Dynamic tension can help dancers finish poses and find full extension.

Spiral Arch

Begin in a straddle position with the legs, turn to the left and place the left arm behind the body. Align the wrist, elbow and shoulder and press up into an arched position with the body. Engage the core and create dynamic tension in the legs. With control lower back to the straddle and try the other side. This dance move is a total body workout, as with most floor work, the body needs to be engaged and working to make the movement fluid and to find full expression of many poses.

Side Roll

Begin in a straddle and turn to the left, placing the hands on the floor behind the body in a twist. Lower the torso toward the floor and lift the right leg. Press into the hands, engaging the chest, upper back and arms and lift the body off the floor. Keep the core tight. Slide the right leg under the left leg and rotate all the way to the left rolling back up to a seated straddle. Try this move the opposite direction. This move has a sneaky push-up and plank.

Single Leg Bridge on the Pole

Begin supine and slide the body close to the pole. Place the right toes and ball of the foot on the pole with the knee bent. Take the arms out to the sides of the body and engage the shoulder blades together behind the back, press the arms into the floor. Push into the foot on the pole, use the hamstrings and glutes, plus the core and lift the hips up to a bridge. Play with leg movement and flow.

As an instructor I am always searching for new ways to create combinations and choreography. These moves are doable with beginning and advanced students and provide many fun transitions. I put together a quick video of choreo with these floor moves.

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