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30 Minute Kettlebell Workout

I am a no nonsense personal trainer and I like effective equipment. I tend to be unimpressed with kettlebells for a few reasons. One: thanks to Crossfit, people think kettlebells are a new invention, ancient Greek athletes used kettlebells and then somehow the Russians got them in the 1700s. Ever since, Eastern Bloc track and field and weight lifting stars have been tossing them around in utilitarian compounds for Mother Russia. And I love Russians, don't get me wrong, it's just that ... Two: A standard free weight will generally allow you to do the same exercise, yah, yah there are some tossing and flipping but unless you are needing this movement in daily life, I am still unclear how flipping a kettlebell over you wrist is essential for weight lifting. However, I am always willing to play with equipment and it's good to change things up. I enjoy designing workouts that are effective and effecient and get everything done in one workout. For those of us with tight schedules, we need total body in the shortest amount of time. Here is an effective total body kettlebell workout.

Kettlebell Squat with Arm Raise Tabata. 4 min

Begin with the feet slightly wider than hip width. Sit into a squat engaging the glutes and hamstrings, particularly on the up. Return to standing and use the upward momentum and your arms to lift the kettle bell out in front of the chest with straight arms. Do not lift higher then the shoulders and control the momentum from the core. For the tabata: 20 seconds of squats with and arm lift at standing followed by 10 seconds of rest for 4 minutes or 8 reps. Go fairly heavy with the weight.

Oblique Lifts

Begin with the kettlebell on one side of the body. Using the obiques and core, release the kettlebell down bending the torso and keeping the arm lightly engaged and lift the kettlebell from the boiques and core back to square upright.

Single Leg Deadlifts

This exercise is easy to cheat, make sure you are consciously engaging the hamstrings and glutes. Place the right foot forward in a split stance. You can lift the left leg or let the toe touch the ground for balance. Bend into the front leg dropping the kettlebell below the knee. Straighten the right leg, (without locking the knee) use the hamstring and glutes to hinge from the hips and come up with a flat back to standing. Alternate legs or stay on one side for the set, then switch.

Single Arm Row

Begin in a split stance, row the oppo