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Meditation Exploration 2

My Experience with Meditation

The best way I can describe meditation is checking in with the very core of your being. On the surface, this involves moving inward and removing as much brain chatter as possible. This is easier said then done, of course, or the entire population would be full of shiny happy people. By getting back to our core we have heighten awareness of the world around us and feel more connected to life.

Personally, the more consistent I am with meditation, the easier it is for me to get back to my core and to make decisions and actions that come from a place of kindness, patience and happiness. I didn’t understand this until I practiced it for a long time. I try to live it everyday, but it’s a work in progress.

This is where I have found benefits from Meditation.

1. My reactions to stressful situations are not crazy.

I can be the mountain. I can be calm, rational and not blame anyone else. The more I work with mediation the less shaken I am by stress or drama in life. Frequently, I find myself watching someone else blow a gasket and having compassion for them. I am not perfect and do not always act cool and calm, but I do it more often now.

2. I am more aware when I am stressing out and able to identify my stressors.

Stress builds up, it’s like a pile of paper that stacks with kindling, then logs, then all you need is one little match. Once I acknowledge my stressors, I can figure out if the stress is justified or just a tiger in my mind. I am learning to take on less, say no more often and value self care. I not only make time for my meditation practice, but time for myself to recover and recharge. People often feel guilty about self care in our society and we really should embrace it.

3. I make choices that make me happy at my core.

I know what I want. I can make my life whatever I want. I have honestly stopped listening to people who tell me I can’t do something. I again have compassion for them, because I have been there and I know what it is like to believe in obstacles and have fear. All obstacles are created in the mind. When I am in touch with my core and go for what I really need and want, I am happy. I fear less.

4. I have a deeper connection to positive thoughts, attracting more positive into my life.

I have a better attitude overall. I am less stressed so I am happier and feel healthier mentally and physically. There is complete truth in creating positive thoughts and attracting positive things into your life. I have become more aware of negative things, people and thoughts and I try to keep them at arms length. I am less likely to be sucked into the world of negative.

5. Having compassion for other people.

This is probably a combination of meditation and years of therapy. I am good at assessing behavior and having compassion for people who are having a difficult moment. I am the type of person who likes the know the reason for a reaction. I can usually figure out a root cause of a behavior quickly, and I have compassion because I know this person is struggling. This person is fighting themselves.

Meditation keeps me sane. Meditation keeps me in tune with myself. Meditation is a personal journey and I cannot tell someone what they will get out of

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