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Five Minute Glute Blast Workout in the Aerial Hammock

One of the most common imbalances that happens in the human body is overdeveloped front, underdeveloped back. We are going to focus on the lower half of the body and look at a few exercises that can help you build muscle in the hamstrings and glutes. Call it Bubble butt, J-Lo Booty, or just a lift, these hammock based exercises can give you some backside.

Three Exercises with the aerial yoga hammock for working the backside.

Reverse Ankle Trap Lunge

Get into the hammock from a front ankle trap and turn to face away from the hammock. Use a reverse boxer grip and bring your body under plum line. Keep the front knee over the front ankle at 90 degrees. Sink down into a lunge using the hamstrings and glutes to come up and down. Bring the hands off for a balance challenge.

Supine Bridge in the Hammock

Lay in a supine position with the feet in the hammock under plum. Think of tucking the tailbone and roll one bone at a time up through the spine into a bridge. Squeeze the glutes and hamstings to keep the hips lifted. Roll back down one bone at a time, the side benefit of this exercise is core work. Roll up and down in the bridge, if you would like more booty work, roll to the bridge and from this lifted position, squeeze the glutes, pulsing the hips upward. The final option is to tuck the legs toward the head and then extend back to lifted bridge. Be careful of knee alignment.

Locust Lifts

Start with the fabric at your hip crease, walk yourself under plum line and come to a downward dog hip hang. Bring the hands under the shoulders and come up on the finger tips. Keep the head in line with spine and lift and extend the spine up, then lower and repeat. The toes can stay on the ground. The next step is to place the hands on the fabric above the hips with a reverse boxer grip. Keep the legs down, toes on the floor. Lift and extend the spin up to a locust position with the torso, then lower and repeat. The next version is to keep the torso either down or at level and lift the legs only, this really works the hamstrings and glutes! Try full locust lifts, both torso and legs lift.