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Correcting the Push-up

The push-up and the plank are en vogue in training at the moment. It makes perfect sense; these two moves work with your bodyweight to build strength. Trainers and fitness instructors love both moves because they effectively train the core. The push-up also works the Pecs, triceps and shoulder girdle muscles as well.

Now I know I have said, “don’t do push-ups” in past blogs, but that is for the people who are training all the time and get their pectoral, core and shoulder work from their workouts with apparatus. The rest of us doing aerial arts and climbing should be doing push-ups and everyone can do planks.

I wanted to go over the most common alignment problems in these prone exercises and how to correct them so you do not get injured doing push-ups.

Common Form Mistakes

Push-up Incorrect Form

Plank Incorrect Form

Correct Form Modified Push-up

If you cannot hold good form in a full push-up consider coming to this modification. It will allow you to get stronger with the correct form and alignment. Once you are strong enough you can move on to adding in full push-ups. Be aware when your form starts to go and switch back to modfied.

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