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Stretching to Increase Flexibility (Part 2 Dynamic Stretching)

Let’s explore the most effective and safe ways to stretch: Static, Dynamic and Facilitated. This post is focused on Dynamic Stretching.

Dynamic stretching is the newest form of studied stretching and has been adopted into the routines of many pro athletes before a performance or event. Dynamic stretching is one of the most effective and safe ways to warm-up before exercising. For more details, here is an earlier post on Dynamic Stretching for Warm-up.

Dynamic stretching is controlled active movement going from static to active within a safe range of motion. Dynamic stretching is flowing in and out of stretches to slowly find range of motion for a few seconds. This is not ballistic stretching. No, no, no bouncing. When we use dynamic stretches as a warm-up we slowly boost range of motion, enhance blood flow into muscles and soft tissues, and increase heart rate and core temperature. We are letting our body know it’s time to focus on working out.

Dynamic stretching can be your workout, an example is a vinyasa yoga class where the class flows from one stretch to another. After the warm-up the body will allow deeper stretching as the poses are repeated. Yoga and aerial go well together. Dynamic stretching especially in the morning reorganizes the resting muscle length for the entire day.

When using this type of stretching it is best to design your stretch plan for your specific sport. Adding yoga into your workout plan or a dynamic stretch routine before your workout can help prevent injury and increase flexibility.

Dynamic Stretching for Aerial Arts

Pictures of Warm-up Stretches

The Basic Sun Salutation Video

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