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Core Engagement Tips for Aerial Arts & Pole

Core moves in the hammock are awesome for building strength and power. In aerial arts we use our core muscles nearly all the time and learning how to activate the core muscles can be tricky. The core isn’t just the abs on the front of the stomach, but also the obliques on the side body and all the muscles that wrap around the low back. When your core is strong and you activate it correctly, you are less likely to strain or injury your body.

Tips on learning to activate the core. 1. As you exhale pull your belly button area inward and gently hold this engagement. 2. If you are having a difficult time feeling this engagement. Make a “cough” noise feel the stomach area contract inward and again gently hold the inward. 3. Once you are holding this core engagement lightly pull the rib cage inward, like a corset is holding you.

These are just a few ways to work on finding core engagement. There are lots of other ways that bring you to the same place, pick a way that makes sense to you.

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